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Swamp Photography Workshop

New Orleans premier landscape photography workshop

Quick Details

Get to the most photogenic spots in the swamp only accessible by boat. Our local photographers will take you to off the beaten path swamp locations deep in the swamp. Get help setting up shots and working on composition and other photographic techniques.

From :
$ 250

Planning Your Trip

We understand the investment photographers make into yearly workshops. People spend a lot of money to be guided into scenic locations to get setup for good landscape imagery. One of the main probllems with these photo workshops is that they are highly expensive, you’re usually in a large group and they are only offered a few times a year. The beauty of our Swamp Landscape Photo Workshop is that we have the ability to run daily trips throughout the year. We can run with just one guest and we have the flexibility to run sunrise or sunset trips. If you are in New Orleans for work or vacation and want to make a day trip to get high quality landscape imagery, we can accommodate you.

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“Clients setting up their tripods for sunrise”


Manchac swamp photographer

We utilize both kayaks and small mud boats or “go devils” to access our swamp locations. We have ample room for photo gear and other equipment. If you are wildlife specialist we can focus on birds, alligators and other wildlife and if you are a landscape purist, we will find pleasing scenic cypress areas to photograph.





What you should bring:photo swamp tour, swamp landscape photography tour, swamp photography

  • Tripod
  • camera bag
  • rain gear
  • dry bag (if you have one)
  • extra clothes       




Photographic Opportunities

We have a variety of areas that we can visit. Some are better for wildlife and others are better for landscape imagery. Let us know before your trip what type of photography you are more interested in. Below are some example images from our photo guide Josh:

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“Panorama of an ancient bald cypress”

Alligator in Manchac swmp

“Resting Alligator”

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“Foggy Morning on the Lake”